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The ending date of the archive in context. For use with the Monthly, Weekly, and Daily archive types only. Date format tags may be applied with the format attribute along with the language attribute. See Date tag for supported attributes.


  • format (optional)

    A string that provides the format in which to publish the date. If unspecified, the default that is appropriate for the language of the blog is used (for English, this is "%B %e, %Y %l:%M %p"). See the Date tag for the supported formats.

  • language (optional; defaults to blog language)

    Forces the date to the format associated with the specified language.

  • utc (optional; default "0")

    Forces the date to UTC time zone.

  • relative (optional; default "0")

    Produces a relative date (relative to current date and time). Suitable for dynamic publishing (for instance, from PHP or search result templates). If a relative date cannot be produced (the archive date is sufficiently old), the 'format' attribute will govern the output of the date.