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Movable Type 5.0 B1 Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released September 2, 2009.

Resolved Issues in MT5 Beta 1

  • Movable Type 5.0 System Requirements
    • MySQL 5.0 or higher
    • Perl 5.8.1 or higher
    • Requires PHP5.x for dynamic publishing
  • On MT 5.0 All blogs will be created under the website object. If you version-up from MT4, a "Generic website" is created and all blogs will be placed there.
  • MT 5.0 uses YAML::Syck to validate plugin YAML files. If you have YAML error, you can switch to YAML:Tiny by adding config directive below on mt-config.cgi. YAMLModule YAML::Tiny
  • New Role "Website Administrator" is added. It has a privileges to manage website with blogs under it.
  • New privilege "Manage Website with Blogs" is added that permit user to manage a website with all the blogs under it
  • New privilege,"Manage Website" and "Manage Theme" are added
  • Some privilege names are modified. Manage Blog (MT4: Blog Administrator), Change Settings (MT4: Change Blog Setting), Publish Site (MT4: Publish Blog)
  • Role "Designer" is modified to add "Manage Themes" privilege.
  • You need the "Create Blogs" system permission and also "Website Administrator" privilege to create a new blog in a website.
  • When you move blogs between websites, you need to copy uploaded assets to the new path manually. It is also recommended not to delete files in the old path to avoid broken links.
  • Select "Theme" instead of cloning existing blog as a personal Blog option in New User Default settings.
  • Template editor is replaced by CodeMirror that works well on major browsers. Syntax highlight switch is removed.
  • You need to specify "Image", "Video", "Audio" or "Asset" to add custom fields for each type.
  • System-wide custom fields are not included in Import / Export
  • Template revision history contains only contains Template options "Output File" and "Publishing", "Link to File" and "Publishing" is not included.
  • Tiff and BMP files are not supported on Dynamic publishing MT:Assset

Known Issues for MT5 Beta 1

These issues will be fixed in future beta.

  • Some administration screens are not displayed properly on Internet Explorer 6 and 7.
  • Some of the bundled themes are not fully functional.
  • Error message is displayed when you hit Enter key to create a new category and tag.
  • Backup and Restore are not fully functional.
  • Error occurs when you post page with Windows Live Writer.
  • Required field validation is not working on the comment and user custom fields.
  • Cannot insert asset when editing entries with Firefox 3.0
  • Side menu is cached on FastCGI environment

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