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This is documentation about a configuration directive, which can be placed within Movable Type’s core configuration file, mt-config.cgi, to customize the behavior of the system.

<p>In Movable Type 5.13, 5.07, 4.38, and later versions, <a href="/documentation/appendices/tags/include.html#file">mt:Include <strong>file="XXX"</strong> attribute</a> was disabled in default settings. This change is to prevent a template designer accessing arbitrary files in the server. You can enable the attribute by specifying <a href="/documentation/appendices/config-directives/AllowFileInclude.html">AllowFileInclude</a> configuration directive. To do so, add the following snippet of code in your mt-config.cgi.</p>

<pre class="prettyprint"><code class="language-bsh">AllowFileInclude 1</code></pre>