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Site path restriction (from 5.2)

<p>From Movable Type 5.2, the website path can be restricted, thus forcing the use of pre-defined paths during website creation.</p>

<h2>Site path restriction</h2>

<p>Select <strong>[System Settings]</strong>  > <strong>[Settings]</strong> > <strong>[General]</strong>. You will find a new field named "Site Path Limitation". With this option enabled, all new websites will be automatically placed under the defined directory. The full path name must be typed out in the text field.</p>

<img alt="SitePathGeneralEn.png" src="" width="500" height="108" class="mt-image-none" />
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<p>Once the limitation setting is defined, that site path will become the default value when creating a new website.</p>

<img alt="SitePathWebsiteEn.png" src="" width="500" height="221" class="mt-image-none" />

<p>If the default path setting is manually altered, an alert message will appear, forcing the user to fix the site path value.</p>

<img alt="SitePathAlertEn.png" src="" width="500" height="123" class="mt-image-none" />