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Plugin Settings

One of Movable Type’s strengths is its extensibility through the plugin architecture it provides. There are hundreds of third party plugins available which extend Movable Type’s features and functionality and add new capabilities to the system and your blogs. Learn more about installing and managing plugins, or more about how to develop plugins.

The Plugin Settings screen for an individual blog (or website in Movable Type 5) lists the plugins that are installed with your system, and allows you to configure their behavior at a blog (website) level. Settings you configure on this screen will apply only to the blog (website) you’re working in; they will override any plugin settings that you configure at a system level.

To configure settings for an individual plugin, locate the plugin you wish to modify, and click on the “Show Settings” link.

Note: You can not disable plugins at an individual blog level, only configure their behavior at the blog level.

Note: Not all plugins provide settings that you can modify. For more information, view the documentation provided with the plugin you wish to configure.