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Movable Type was created by a husband and wife team with a single purpose: to create a powerful solution for the creation and management of web content. An originator of the blogging field, Movable Type offers stability, a user-friendly interface, and beautifully extensive visual customization for websites and blogs.

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Latest Movable Type News

January 15, 2014

Movable Type 6.0.2 Release Notes

By Dave Aiello and posted in News.

New & Improved Functions Server Sync (Movable Type Advanced) The server sync function is now available for Movable Type Advanced users. By using server sync, content created on Movable Type Advanced can be sent to and published on an external…

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November 15, 2013

Movable Type 6.0.1, 5.2.9, and 5.161 Released to Close Security Vulnerabilities

By Dave Aiello and posted in News.

We are releasing Movable Type 6.0.1, 5.2.9, and 5.161 as mandatory security updates. These updates resolve multiple security-related issues discovered in all previous versions of Movable Type 6 and Movable Type 5.

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November 13, 2013

The Movable Type 6 Data API: What It Means for Developers and Publishers

By Dave Aiello.

Until Movable Type 6, Movable Type has never had an easy way for programmers to access the content in its database for dynamic page generation. The Movable Type Data API addresses that issue in a fundamentally more modern way than WordPress does. The Movable Type Data API is developed by the Movable Type development team itself (it’s not a plugin created by a third-party developer); It opens up MT to JavaScript programming using ultramodern tools like jQuery and jQuery Mobile.

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Movable Type Security Update

Movable Type 6.0.3, 5.2.10 and 5.17 have been released as mandatory security updates. READ MORE.