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Dan Wolfgang

Action Stream: Newsfeed

The Action Streams plugin is great, but one area it causes trouble for some users is that there is no Atom or RSS feed service. The closest option is to use the Website service and hope that auto-discovery will find the feed you want, but there are many circumstances where that simply isn’t a feasible option. This plugin remedies that with Atom and RSS services.

Asset Image Quality

The Asset Image Quality plugin for Movable Type gives you the opportunity to control the file size of automatically generated JPEG image assets. When resized image assets are used, you may notice that the file size is quite large —

Asset Mover

The Asset Mover plugin for Movable Type and Melody allows you to move a file-based asset to a different location. For example, you may want to move to

Asset Poller

The Asset Poller plugin adds a periodic task to Movable Type that will create assets based on contents of a given directory. The files in that directory will be moved to /assets by default. Note: This is a fork of


Enables publishing of assets and/or asset metadata, sorted by actual upload time!

Better File Uploader

Better File Uploader is a plugin that replaces and improves upon the Movable Type file upload tool. Multiple file uploading and 1-click uploading put a focus on speed and efficiency Resize on Upload keeps all images sized appropriately Watermarking ensures

Categories by Date

Categories are not a date-related object in MT, so publishing categories in a date-structured way isn’t possible.

The CategoriesByDate plugin adds a block tag that will sort categories by date, with the most recently updated first. To determine the order of the categories, each category is compared to newest entry it is used in and that entry’s date sorts the category.

Click Tagging

The Click Tagging plugin for Movable Type and Melody provides an alternate tagging interface: click-to-tag.

Contact Forms

The Contact Forms plugin for Movable Type provides a comprehensive solution for allowing site administrators to manage multiple ways for their site’s visitor’s to contact them and ask them questions them questions via a simple form submission. Contact form submissions are then stored in the database and tracked to ensure that every message is replied to, and to make all responses searchable.

Create Duplicate Entry

This plugin provides a simple interface to duplicate an entry in the same blog or to another blog in the same installation. All entry content (including Custom Fields) is preserved in the duplication. Entry status can be preserved, or entries can be marked Unpublished in the duplicated entry.

Default Category

This plugin lets you specify a default category for entries. There’s not much more to it than that.

Entry CSV Export

A plugin for Movable Type installations which provides a very basic export-to-CSV functionality for entries/pages to facilitate easier review of entry/page metadata.


GeoType is a plugin for Movable Type that uses the Google Maps API to tie geographic coordinates to an MT object.

Google Analytics Most Popular

This is an old plugin I wrote in 2009 for a client’s Movable Type 4 site. I am not providing support for this plugin, but here it is for any adventurous developers to work with.

Hot Date

Do you schedule entries, or otherwise modify the Entry Date field? Do you sometimes forget a leading zero, for example, to create a valid, two-digit hour field? Hot Date is just what you need: drop-down time selectors in 12-hour format

ID Shorts

This plugin provides a way to pass an entry ID or other shortcode to a cgi script and have it send the user to the entry permalink.


Icon-o-matic is a plugin for Movable Type that allows you to easily insert any image into an entry , and any commenter to insert an image into their comment . To restate: Icon-o-matic allows you to easily re-use any image

Image Metadata Extractor

A Movable Type and Melody plugin that extracts Image EXIF data from assets and makes the data available through a set of template tags.


Do you prefer to work directly with the HTML when writing a new entry? Are the simple formatting buttons in the MT interface simply not enough for you? MT-Quicktags is likely just the drink to quench your thirst. Despite all

Max Image Width

A Movable Type and Melody plugin that provides a way to enforce a max image or thumbnail width for uploaded images to prevent users from uploading photos too wide for a column.

More Custom Fields

The Custom Fields found in Movable Type Pro are a boon to creating a flexible and robust site. When the standard field types don’t quite meet your needs however, get More Custom Fields! - Checkbox Group - Message - Multi-Use

More Listing Framework Columns

Movable Type’s Listing Framework is a fantastic way to get an overview and review content — it’s responsible for the “Manage” screens. The column sorting and filtering options are very powerful!

You may have noticed, however, that not all content is visible on the Listing Framework screens. This plugin adds more columns to the Listing Framework, including Custom Fields!

By default, user-created Listing Framework filters are available to only the user that created them. Any user can access them through System Overview > Listing Filters, however this is less convenient than simply having them available on the screen they are for. So, this plugin will also make any user-created filter available to all users, making it easy to share filters with all users.


If you have an active community built around your site, there have probably been a few heated discussions. And, sometimes, a few commenters have probably used words that you don’t feel are appropriate for the site or discussion. You know,

Poll Position

Poll Position adds a fast and easy way to create polls in Movable Type. Add a poll to your site by simply choosing Poll from MT’s Create menu. Maintain an unlimited number of polls, along with an unlimited number of responses

Private Label Feed

Private Label Feed gives you more control over the URL you use for your Atom/RSS feed without sacrificing the features (such as user statistics) of feed proxies like Feedburner

Publish Offline

Publish Offline adds the ability to publish a blog to an alternate directory, in addition to the Blog Site Path where the blog is already published. Before writing files to the target directory will rewrite all URLs as relative, creating a site that can be browsed offline or locally.

Publishing Buttons

Publishing Buttons simply provides one-click publishing or saving of your entry. It’s for people like me, who are just too lazy to click the dropdown box to change the status. Really, that’s all there is to it. This is a

Publishing Priorities

This plugin provides the means to fine-tune a template’s priority. Additionally, this plugin provides an option to make a gross adjustment to the entire blog’s priority, useful to prioritize at a more global level.

Random Entries

This plugin provides a single argument to be used with the Entries block tag to return a random entry each time a template is published.

Recommended Search Results

The Recommended Search Results plugin for Movable Type and Melody aims to give users more relevant search results.

Related Items

Related Items provides a custom field type that allows users to relate the current object to any Taggable object. Said differently, with this custom field you can relate a system object (Entry, Page, Category, Folder, or User) to Taggable objects: assets, entries, and pages.

Remove Objects

The Remove Objects plugin provides a way for administrators to easily delete objects in Movable Type.

Republish by Asset

This plugin for Movable Type makes it easy to republish Entries and Pages based upon Asset use. Here’s a scenario: you’ve updated the Asset — perhaps with a new Label or Description — and now you need to republish the

Search Menu Option

This is a plugin for Movable Type and Melody that simply adds a “Search” menu option to the Tools menu. If you use the search function much, you probably want to jump right to the Search screen where you can


Share takes the simple “email to a friend” idea and lets you completely customize every aspect: - Include a share form on entries with from, to and message fields - Use Movable Type template tags to craft your email body


Do you like seeing those little smiley emoticons in other people’s blog? Then Smilies is the plugin for you! This plugin will add 13 smiley faces to your Movable Type Edit Entry screen. With a click, you can add any

Store Front

Adds the ability for administrators to define for use on their web site a collection of products which can be sold through a selection of payment processors, like PayPal or Google Checkout for the express purpose of allowing users to assemble a digital store front, or put a “pay wall” in front of select pieces of content quickly and easily using Movable Type or Melody.

Structured Content Wizard

The Structured Content Wizard plugin for Movable Type and Melody makes structured blogging and creating form-based content easy! Simply create a step-by-step wizard interface for authors to work with.

That's Hot

A Movable Type and Melody plugin that allows editors to manage topics on their web site, where a topic is a simple way of aggregating related stories together into a more focused vertical.

Theme Assistant

If you are familiar with the Melody/Endevver approach to theming with Movable Type 4, you are also likely familiar with the Theme Manager plugin. Theme Manager did a lot of great things to make themes more manageable on Movable Type

Theme: Charity

The Charity theme allows for rapid deployment of a charity-focused site, with some of the common features found on such a site — though to be honest, it includes features anybody may like! This theme is based on Classic Blog, Minimalist but includes a number of additional features.

Theme: Classic Blog Theme Pack

This is a theme pack for Movable Type and Melody based on the old default “Classic Blog” design, and is also a complete reference example for the Theme Manager plugin.

Theme: Patrick

Patrick is a theme for Melody (and Movable Type), sure, but it’s also more than that. With over 100 Theme Options, infinite color schemes, and “callback” fields, Patrick is a flexible theme framework that makes it easy to create a unique site from this one design.

Theme: Scrapbook

The Scrapbook theme was originally developed for in 2005. Some day I hope to create a new design for, and when that happens I would like to have Scrapbook preserved. And that’s what this is: an attempt to preserve some work from many years ago.

Theme: Shady

Shady contains two themes for Movable Type: a blog and a photo gallery.

This is an old theme — my first, in fact — originally developed for a client in 2007(?), I believe. It surely contains lots of old and outdated methods, though I have begun updating some of that (example: making better use of Config Assistant and Theme Manager’s capabilities).

Trial Membership

The Trial Membership plugin for Movable Type and Melody can be used to disable users after a specified amount of time has elapsed. In other words, Commenters or Contributors (for example) can be allowed to participate and interact with your

User Blog Association

Assign a role and blog to a user specifically (and only) when the user interacts with that blog.

This is different from using the “(newly created user)” functionality, because “(newly created user)” will associate a user with every blog that has a “(newly created user)” defined. Also, “(newly created user)” will only create associations for new users; existing users are never updated.

Website & Blog Organizer

This plugin for Movable Type makes it easy to reorganize the website and blog hierarchy. This can be especially useful after upgrading from Movable Type 4, before websites were introduced.

Widget Saver

This plugin adds two checkboxes to the Template Refresh screen: Save the Widget Sets, and Save the Widgets. Enabled by default, they will cause the Template Refresh to ignore any existing Widget Sets or Widgets. Ta da!

Widgets System Menu Option

This is a plugin for Movable Type and Melody that simply adds a “Widgets” menu item to the System Overview menu. If you use system-level widgets much, you know that they always seem to be a few clicks away, and


When writing an entry, I like to have an idea of how long it is. I often use the Body as an article lead-in and try to keep it between 50 and 75 words, but when I start to throw