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Beau Smith


A set of links to the places you most commonly want to go for each of your blogs. Reduces the number of clicks when navigating between blogs. Plugin settings allow sorting of blogs by: Blog Name, Creation Order, or Last


Ghostwriter is a Movable Type plugin that adds a control to change the author on Edit Entry and Edit Page screens. Perfect when the person entering or editing content is not the user to be specified as the author. ##


Marry the Community Blog and Community Forum template sets (from the Community Pack as of MT 4.23) with the Professional template set and you get three template sets in one plugin: - Pro Community Blog - based on the Community


Scott Wallick and Andy Skelton created Sandbox as a theme for WordPress and it has since been used as the base for many blogs over the last few years. At its core, Sandbox is a rich and semantic—yet simple—HTML structure


A quiver of template sets focusing on specific features in Movable Type. Vanilla provides various template sets which only contain the code necessary to show how a specific feature in Movable Type. These template sets are not endended to be