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Byrne Reese


This plugin provides a JSON interface to theme developers who wish to enable AJAX logins on their web site. What good is an AJAX login experience you ask? Well, such an experience would allow for a login form to be presented in a lightbox, or through some other javascript effect. It would allow your readers to login to a page without ever leaving the page.


A Movable Type plugin that transforms the time custom field in Movable Type’s backend into a dropdown with AM/PM selection

Ajax Publish

Provides a publish button next to every entry in the entry listing table. When pushed, this button will fire off, via javascript, a request to MT to publish the corresponding entry.

Asset Gallery

Asset Gallery lets you easily create collections for your entries, such as photo galleries. Combining MT4’s built-in asset manager with powerful custom fields capabilities, you simply upload your files using the familiar Movable Type interface and the plugin does the rest, even offering a fancy carousel view of your images right within the MT interface. Asset Gallery supports non-photo uploads, too, supporting display of video files, Word documents, PDFs or anything else on any page on your site.


AutoLink provides users with a way of creating a list of “hot words.” Whenever these words appear in a post, they are automatically linked to a designated URL.

Batch Template Options

This plugin provides the simple utility of being able to set the publishing method for more than one template at a time directly from the template listing screen.

Browser ID Commenters

This plugin enables commenters to register to your blog using their BrowserID identities


BuildTracer is Movable Type template visualizer. It helps with the writing, performance tuning, and analysis of MT templates. BuildTracer logs the rebuild sequence of each MT generated page, visualizes the block structure of MT tags, and shows how long each tag takes to publish in an individual template.

Cache Manager

A plugin for Movable that provides additional functionality to assist in the management of template module caches.

Central Authentication Service

A plugin for Movable Type that allows delegated user authentication to a CAS server in place of the native authentication scheme.

Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep is a plugin that assists administrators in finding and fixing broken inbound links to their website. It was built to support three use cases:

  • to help users monitor any broken links on their blog and have a system that can automatically adapt by redirecting stale and inbound links to the proper destination.

  • to help users get a clean start with their blog by allowing them to completely restructure their permalink URL structure and have a system that can automatically adapt by redirecting stale and inbound links to the proper destination.

  • to help users in the process of migrating to Movable Type who are forced to modify their web site’s URL and permalink structure.

These use cases have to do with preserving a site’s page rank in light of a major redesign.

Config Assistant (MT4)

Note: This page is for Movable Type 4.1. Please see Config Assistant for the plugin for Movable Type 5+. The Config Assistant plugin is a powerful platform plugin which significantly reduces the work necessary to create and deploy Movable Type


This plugin adds a ConfigDirective tag to Movable Type. You can use it to display the value of any configuration directive found in the mt-config.cgi file.

Convio SSO Authentication

This plugin provides a “dual-mode” authentication driver for for Melody and Movable Type v4.x which works with Convio’s Single Signon Open API to provide authentication services for both locally-created and Convio-created user accounts.

Custom CSS

This plugin was born out of the need and desire to:

  • Provide users with the ability to customize the CSS of a blog, without requiring to give them complete access to edit all the templates of a blog.

  • Provide a better interface for editing CSS by devoting a larger portion of the screen’s real estate to the editor window, unlike what is found on Movable Type’s default “Edit Template” screen.

  • Insulate a theme from a user inadvertantly disrupting a site’s design by permanently editing or modifying the theme’s core CSS definition.

Custom Error

The Custom Error plugin for Movable Type and Melody installs a global system template called “Custom System Error” which provides admins with the ability to override the default system error template generated by the system.

Custom Header

The Custom Header plugin for Movable Type provides the ability for designers to specify with their template sets constraints for a custom header that this plugin will then allow users to easily replace with an image uploaded from their local computer.


Demenuator removes specified menus and menu items from the MT UI.


A plugin to allow creation of an event calendar in MovableType.

Expired Entries

Allows authors to select a date in the future at which an entry will be automatically unpublished and the site rebuilt.

Extra Tags

This plugin provides Movable Type users with an assortment of miscellaneous tags that do not ship with Movable Type by default.

Forums Utilities

The Forum Utilities plugin that provides a collection of tools and utilities often found in forum software to help enhance and elevate the quality of conversation among commenters and visitors. Its features include: - Promote Comments to Entries - convert

Full Screen Mode

This plugin adds a simple full screen button fullscreen-icon.gif to your Edit Entry and Edit Template screens in Movable Type and Melody. Clicking the button toggles the editor between consuming the full width of the page and the default width. In our opinion, this makes editing much easier.


GCPrettify is a plugin designed to allow easy use of [Google Code’s prettify.js script][1] for syntax highlighting of code samples.

Hybrid News Theme

The Hybrid News Theme is the first newspaper theme for the Movable Type platform and enabled users to easily create a newspaper style website. Features include: * SEO enhanced * Alternate HTML tags * Google Web Sitemaps * Google News

Image Cropper

The Image Cropper Plugin provides a simple user interface for managing and generating custom thumbnails from your image assets. The plugin was specifically designed to addressed the case where publishers want the ability to produce different thumbnails designed specifically for

Link Checker

This plugin assists authors, editors and administrators in making sure that all of the links on their blog are still valid and therefore useful to their readers. It works by surfacing an additional list action called “Validate Links” in your

Link to Theme

Adds support for linking templates to theme files to avoid the need to refresh templates.


A plugin for Movable Type which prevents entries and templates from being edited by more than one user at the same time.

Log Filter

This plugin was created to limit which activities are written to the Activity Log (and hence the internal mt_log table in the database). Specifically, it adds a new mt-config.cgi setting: LogExclude. LogExclude takes a comma separated list of log categories


This plugin enables publishing archive dynamically.


This plugin facilitates the process of blog consolidation in which one blog’s content/associations are transferred entirely to another.

Media Manager

Media Manager provides users and authors within Movable Type and Melody with the ability to search and insert media from a number of popular remote services like Amazon and YouTube. Using Media Manager one can open a dialog, enter a few search terms, select the book, DVD or video and optionally insert it into a blog post.


Memo is a plugin for Movable Type and Melody that can display a memo on the Edit Entry/Page screen, as well as a global message on all CMS screens.

Mid-Century Mobile

The Mid-Century Mobile Template Set provides a mobile ready theme for your blog. When applied, users can view your blog on their handheld device. This theme presents only the most essential content, with a minimal amount of HTML and CSS

Multi Checkbox

This plugin provides a new custom field type to Movable Type Pro users. This new field type, called a “multi-checkbox” allows one to have multiple checkbox as opposed to a single checkbox. A new template tag will also be defined for these custom fields to determine whether or not a checkbox has been checked.

New User Management Prototype

This is an ever-evolving plugin designed to allow us, Six Apart to test and iterate upon a new user management area of Movable Type. Features: - New User Interface accessible from the blog’s “Manage > Users” menu. - Experimental use


Removes the statistics chart from the Movable Type dashboard.


This plugin enables providing Movable Type email notification support.

Ordered Tags

MT sorts tags alphabetically by default; the OrderedTags plugin maintains order of tags as saved upon entry/page save or edit.

Page Layout

This plugin allows authors to select from more than one template (or “layout”) for a given page or entry. For example, a web site may wish to suppress advertising on certain pages. This plugin would allow for the designer of

Photo Gallery Plugin and Theme

The Photo Gallery Plugin for Movable Type contains two components:

  • A streamlined interface to make managing, editing, and uploading to a photo gallery-style blog efficient. This updated interface can be used by any theme.

  • A photo gallery theme based upon the amazing design work of Jim Ramsey. It is designed to be a seamless extension of his popular Movable Type theme called Mid-Century.


The PicApp plugin for Movable Type and Melody provides a seamless integration experience with the PicApp image distribution platform.

Podcasting Plugin

The Podcasting Plugin for Movable Type allows users to easily link to and include MP3 at any URL in their Movable Type blog and to manage those podcasts as assets within Movable Type’s asset management system. Once a podcast is


PromoteThis! is a plugin for Movable Type that makes it easy for Movable Type users to add links to their favorite social bookmarking and promotion services like Digg.

Publish Queue Manager

This plugin provides a simple user interface in the Movable Type administrative system to view, change priority, and delete publishing jobs from the built-in “Publish Queue” system — a system by which files are published in the background. Keeping an eye on what is publishing is a great way to understand what is happening at any given time!

Purge Activity Log

This single serving plugin solves the one simple problem of keeping activity logs from getting too large by automatically deleting log entries older than n days.

Related Entries

This plugin will automatically publish any entries that share a tag with the entry being saved/published. This allows entries that utilize any kind of “related entry” feature to remain up to date.

Send to Publish Queue

This plugin provides administrators with the ability to republish a blog through the Publish Queue. Send to Publish Queue can be used to republish one or many blogs.

Server Check

Allows external monitors to confirm that the MT installation is in place, the MT code base is loading, and it can connect to the database.


The Snapshot plugin makes it easy for editors, authors, and designers to track changes to templates and entries by allowing them to save and view snapshots of the history of each of these objects.

Stop Design Photo Gallery

The Stop Design Template Set for Movable Type makes it easy to deploy beautiful, professionally designed photo galleries for your website. This plugin automates the process of installing the templates created and designed by Doug Bowman using Movable Type Template

Super Page

The Super Page plugin for Movable Type was created in support of Movable Type’s documentation effort. The basic need was this: convert a single, massive page into a set of paginated, easy to navigate pages broken up by chapter/section. This


A plugin for Movable Type and Melody that provides integration with Stumple Upon’s URL shortening service and iframe viewing window.

Table Feature for TinyMCE

Load the table plugin and add buttons for table function to TinyMCE, which is default rich text editor of Movable Type 5.2 or later.

Template Optimizer

A Movable Type and Melody plugin that attempts to analyze and subsequently optimize the publishing options of your system.

Template Profiler

This plugin provides a simple way for anyone to audit a Movable Type template to see why it might be slower than it needs to be.

Text Macros

This plugin provides a framework for developers to create really simple text macros that can processed inside of text.

Theme Export

This plugin provides the ability to export a blog’s templates as a theme.

Theme Manager

Theme Manager is a plugin for Movable Type and Melody created for designers and users with an express goal of making it much easier to both build and use themes on the Movable Type and Melody platforms.


Tidings is a simple wrapper around Andy Lester’s HTML::Tidy, itself a wrapper around libtidy. It’s a convenient way of making sure that all your tags are closed and that your HTML is in squinting distance of validation, to avoid late-night typos producing a page full of red at the W3 Validator.

Twitter API

A Movable Type and Melody plugin that adds TwitterAPI support to your blog.

Two Dimensional Select

This plugin provides a new custom field type to Movable Type Pro users. This new field type, called a “two dimensional select” allows one to have a pull down menu, which when a selection is made, reveals a second pull down menu to further narrow down the user’s choice.

User Blog Roles

Define the role(s) provisioned to new users on their userblogs.

User Export

The Export User Data plugin for Movable Type allows administrators to export all of the information collected about their site’s users into a comma-separated format (.csv) file.

Widget Set Custom Field

This plugin defines a new custom field type that allows users to select and associate with pages and entries a widget set installed in the current blog.

WordPress OpenID

This plugin utilizes Movable Type’s extensible Open Id Login framework to give a preferential and customized login experience for users on Movable Type blogs.

Yahoo! OpenID

This plugin utilizes Movable Type’s extensible Open ID Login framework to give a preferential and customized login experience for Yahoo! users on Movable Type blogs.