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Jay Allen

Anonymous Public Posts

Provides the ability to accept unauthenticated (anonymous) entry submissions from your community.

Comment Challenge

Comment Challenge is an anti-spam plugin which provides you with two very effective types of barriers to protect you from spammers.

Config Assistant

The Config Assistant plugin is a powerful platform plugin which significantly reduces the work necessary to create and deploy Movable Type plugins and themes.

Custom Asset Markup

The Custom Asset Markup plugin was created to address the issue in Movable Type 4+ where assets embedded into entries are wrapped with HTML markup that is hard coded into MT::Asset and MT::Asset::Image.

Default Site Tags

A Melody/Movable Type plugin which provides extremely easy template access to the DefaultSiteURL/Root config settings

Download Genie

A framework for authenticated downloading of assets. Users must log in (just like when commenting) to have permission to download an asset.

Git Plugin Directory

This plugin provides a simple framework for deploying a git-powered plugin directory.


The Messaging plugin for Movable Type provides a Twitter-like messaging system that allows a user to post and view status updates.


The NotifyWho?! plugin enables you to control exactly who should receive entry, comment and TrackBack notifications for each blog and when.


This plugin eliminates any and all whitespace produced at the top of a published file. In most cases, leading whitespace is unwanted (e.g. in HTML pages, it can cause display issues as some browsers activate “quirks mode”).


The SphinxSearch plugin enhances the search feature in Movable Type by adding extensive support for full-text indices. It integrates the Sphinx server with Movable Type to provide full-text searches across various objects in Movable Type.

Super Error Handler

A developer-focused plugin for MT 4.3x and Melody installations which provides insight in diagnosing the dreaded “empty error” problem that usually occurs because of improper error handling by a developer.

Tag Repair

A plugin that fixes a particular kind of corruption in mttag and mtobjecttag tables.