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This plugin completes MT tags and MT tag modifiers on the Movable Type template editing screen. ### Features / Functions * Completable Objects * Tag names (including tags included with plugins and custom fields) * Modifier names * Values passed


This plugin adds buttons to the standard Movable Type TinyMCE standard set-up without requiring CSS. ### Settings Screen MovableTypeEntry3-3.png


This plugin enables Movable Type to synchronize preview and editing screens.


This plugin provides “Path Based” archive mapping.



  • You can group entries by output path.
  • You can use custom field’s value easily for path of “Path Based” archive mapping.
    • Well supported types
      • Drop Down Menu
      • Radio Buttons
  • You can use the AnotherCustomFields (Japanese only plugin instead of the custom field.
  • Not only you can use the custom field’s value directory, but also you can use the range of the value.
  • You can sort archive by any value.
  • You can set a title of archive by the settings of a mapping.


This plugin provided basic authentication mechanism using with Movable Type user information.


This plugin provides template tags to automatically generate appropriate color codes from images uploaded in Movable Type. This can allow easy generation of styles to match images. ### Functions / Features * Extract color codes from any image * The