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Data API Extend Search

This plugin provides extended search options for Data API. You can filter entries by tags, categories and date value.


DisableRebasename is Movable Type Plugin. This plugin can disable changing a basename at edit entry.


A jQuery based plug-in that allows for easier customization of the Movable Type admin screen.

Quick Input Category

This plugin enables users to edit data both of category name and basename at the same time.


This plugin takes random values from a Movable Type array and returns these values as a new array. ### Download This plugin can be downloaded from the following link: bit-part/mt-plugin-RandomArray ### Usage This plugin is very simple to use,


Rebuild related entries or pages. Usage Step 1 : Create the related entry / web page ID field Provide a field where the related entry to the current entry or page is stored. This field can either be an existing


The SetDefaultCategory plugin can be used to set default categories for Movable Type entries.


Used alongside the SpecificCategory tag, this plugin is used to set specific category text. ### Usage Example Do something. ` ## Modifiers ### id The id modifier specifies the category ID for use when selecting a specific category. If any