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Upgrade path from MT2

Asked by Kevin Higgins
Posted February 7, 2014, in Featured.

I took a long hiatus from blogging and now have the time to begin doing it more. As a result of the hiatus, my site is still running Moveable Type 2.63.

The link on your site that gives information about specific steps when upgrading across multiple major versions is broken—it returns a 404 error.

So, I’m wondering how difficult it’ll be to migrate to the current version, or if it’s simply time to move some part of my old work to a new platform, rather than trying to ensure it remains available on my old site.

So I’m wondering how difficult will the upgrade process be from MT v2.63 for someone who hasn’t done much shell work in a *nix system for about a decade? Will the upgrade (relatively) effortless retain all the links, etc, to my old content?


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Charlie Gorichanaz

Charlie Gorichanaz on February 12, 2014, 2:42 a.m. Reply

Hi Kevin, we’re glad to see you’re looking at upgrading!

Since you have been away, we have changed our licensing to a paid only model from MT6 onward. There is not currently a free “blogger” license as in the past, but Movable Type Open Source 5.2.6 is available in the archive. Please also see what’s new in MT6.

Thank you for pointing out the broken link to “Upgrade Path from Older Versions of Movable Type”, by the way. I corrected and updated it. Please see that page for the steps you will need to take to get past version 3.31. You’ll probably need to rename your mt.cfg file to mt-config.cgi and add a couple lines to your mt-config.cgi file. The steps are detailed in the document.

Other than that, you may need to look at any custom plugins you have installed to determine if there is a newer version. This is usually the trickiest part of an upgrade. If this does not apply to you, then the upgrade should work fine.

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Charlie Gorichanaz

Charlie joined Six Apart as a Japan based product manager for Movable Type in February 2014 after spending two years as a developer for 601am. Previously he was the web director of The Badger Herald while studying biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Twitter: @CNG

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