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E-mail alerts on new comments

Asked by Yuji Takayama
Posted October 14, 2013, in Featured.

How do I turn on an email alert for each time we receive a comment? So then we do not have to log in everyday to see if there are new comments. Instead we would just receive an email saying there is a new comment.


1 Answer

Yuji Takayama

Yuji Takayama on October 15, 2013, 10:21 a.m. Reply

Hi, Did you set following settings?

In [system] - [Settings] - [General], You must set “System Email Address”. This is the “from address” used by the system.

In [blog/website] - [Settings] - [Feedback], set “E-mail Notification” to “On.”

Also, in mt-config, you must set a valid MailTransfer and related settings.

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Yuji Takayama

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