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How do I change the database?

Asked by Emma
Posted October 9, 2013, in Featured.


I’m trying to change the database to another one on my server. How do I do that in Movable Type?

Thanks, Emma


1 Answer

Charlie Gorichanaz

Charlie Gorichanaz on October 15, 2013, 2:41 a.m. Reply

Hi Emma,

Point MT to different database

If you are trying to point a Movable Type installation from one database to another on the same server, you will possibly need to modify the following configuration directives:

  • Database: This is the name of your database. If you perform a dump of your original database, change the name in the dump, import it into the database server, and grant permissions to the original user, you would only need to change this directive to the new database name.
  • DBUser
  • DBPassword
  • DBHost: The host name only needs to be set if the database server is remote or you are having trouble connecting without this set.
  • DBSocket: The socket only needs to be set if your server’s Perl installation points to a different database server than you intend to use, such as if you have multiple copies of MySQL installed in different directories.
  • DBPort: The port only needs to be set if MySQL is configured to use a different port than the default 3306

Change database type

If you are trying change between database types such as MySQL and Oracle, you must modify the ObjectDriver configuration directive in your mt-config.cgi file. Note MT Pro supports only MySQL as of version 5, and Oracle is supported on MT Enterprise.

Note you must also handle moving your data between database systems. This is not done automatically.

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