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Movable Type 7 Developer Preview Alpha 2 is now available.

By Yuji Takayama
Posted November 8, 2017, in MT Newsbox.

We are pleased to announce that “Movable Type 7 Developer Preview Alpha 2” is now available.

This release includes a number of new features and improvements after the Alpha 1 release. Please review the list of new features and improvements.

Enjoy Movable Type 7!

Download here: Developer Preview Alpha 2

New And Improved Functions

Content Type Browser

The Content Type Browser provides a search function for Content Types and Content Fields. You can copy and paste a unique ID or name for Content Types and Content Fields quickly.


New Template Tags


The name of the category set in context.




A container tag that lists all of the category sets of a content type. This tag creates a category-set context within which any category-set tags may be used.

content_type=”unique_id | name
Specifies a specific content type by name or unique ID for which to return a category set. If not specified, will use the current content type in context.
Specifies a specific site ID for which to return a category set. If not specified, will use the current site in context.
Specifies a specific category set by name for which to return a category set.

Updated Template Tags


If a category is associated with a category set, this tag returns the number of published content data for the category in context. Otherwise, this tag returns a number of published entries for the category in context.


You can specifies a unique ID or name of content type by content_type modifier.


Updated a-table.js to latest

Updated a-table.js to v1.4.12

Deprecated functions

Not bundled plugin: StyleCatcher

In Movable Type 7, the StyleCatcher plugin will not be bundled. Please download it from [GitHub repository] ( if necessary.

Discontinued plugin: lite lite has been discontinued. It will never bundled with Movable Type 7 or later.

Configuration Directives

  • EnableUploadCompat configuration directive is not supported now because user interface of administration screen is not compatible with older versions.

Resolved Issues


  • File uploading now works when a file name is Japanese.

Content Type

  • Content data population now works when selecting revision from revision list.
  • Preferred archive is now selectable for each mapping.
  • MTContentPermaLink with MTContents now outputs correct URL when multiple content types are defined.
  • Content Type Archive now outputs correct content data.
  • Resolved an issue where primary category of category set field was not kept.


  • Archive templates and archive map creation now work when applying a theme.
  • Correct error will raised when required component is missing at application of a theme.


  • The order of a list of archive types are now ordered by type.
  • Resolve an issue where content type archives were not rebuilt when rebuilding all archives.

Template Tag

  • Resolves an issue where categorysetid could not be specified for MTFolders, MTSubFolders and MTTopLevelFolders.
  • MTCategoryArchiveLink now works when Category Archive is not defined but Content Type Category Archive is defined.
  • MTArchiveLink now outputs correct URL for each archive.
  • MTArchiveLink now works when used in a Content Type Category Archive.
  • MTContentField now outputs correct content data for each content type field.
  • MTArchiveCount now outputs correct count of content data when current context is Content Type Archive.