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Movable Type 7 Feature List

By Yuji Takayama
Posted October 19, 2017, in News.

The contents of this list are based on our development plan and may be subject to change.

New and Improved Features

This feature set will be provided with Movable Type 7.

Content Type (7.0)

Content type is a way to make custom content as you like. Each site supports content type so you can create / manage your content in a way that makes sense to you.

Category Set (7.0)

Category set is a set of categories that can be created for each purpose like ‘Product’ or ‘Platform’. You can assigned to any number of categories to each category set.

Block Editor (7.0)

Using the Block Editor, you can build content in smaller units such as “Header” and “Image”.

Content Type based archives (7.0)

You can create individual and listing archives for each content type, and create archive mappings by category based, date based and user based.

Fine grained permissions (7.0)

You can control creating and managing content types as well as control editing content for each content field.

System privileges (7.0)

You can control the sign-in to the administration screen and the sign-in via Data API for each user.

Dashboard and widgets (7.0)

Totally improved dashboard and widgets. The list of widgets is here:

  • Site List … Quick link to create new content for frequently accessed sites.
  • Updates … This small widget indicates your Movable Type is healthy.
  • Activity Log … You can quickly review what has happened on the system with this widget.

External Assets (7.1)

Ability to embed assets from other services easily.

Digital Asset Management (7.1)

Ability to search and reuse assets easily. Also, managing asset lifecycle (publish, unpublish) along with content.

Site Group (7.1)

Site groups will provide flexible site management feature such as Common templates, Common assets or Common Content Type for each group.

Workflow (7.2)

You can create flexible workflows to publish content.

Message Center (7.2)

You can receive notifications from Movable Type, such as dashboard, e-mail, chat.

Dropped Features

These feature sets will not be provided in Movable Type 7

  • Community Pack
  • lite
  • Style Catcher (This plugin will be open source)
  • Textile support (This plugin will be open source)
  • Classic Blog and Classic Website (These themes will be open source)



Blogs are gone. Website and Blog were renamed to Site. You can still create a hierarchical structure.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields are still available for entries, pages, sites, templates, assets, categories, folders and users.


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chrisk on October 28, 2017, 11:25 p.m. Reply

My dev team is using movable for a project and loving how you’re constantly on top of the development of it and releasing new features. This is awesome, thanks.