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Announcing of Movable Type Twitter Account

By Takeshi Nick Osanai
Posted May 29, 2013.

Starting from June 6th, the official Movable Type Twitter account (movabletype) will be primarily managed by the American Movable Type team and will tweet announcements in English only. The Japanese Movable Type team has recently created the "movabletypejp" account and will continue using this new account for all Japanese announcements.

We, the Movable Type team, felt that in order to better strengthen communication between us and our users, it would make the most sense to provide our users with two separate Twitter accounts, each with it's own language support.

The primary Movable Type Twitter account (movabletype) will continue providing support in both Japanese and English from now until June 6th.

For those who have not yet followed us on Twitter, we hope you will take this opportunity to start following the Japanese team on our new account, "movabletypejp".

Thank you to all our followers (and future followers) for your continued support!


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AlexB on July 30, 2013, 2:01 a.m. Reply

I didn’t know you guys had an actively updated Twitter account! I just hit you with a follow, and I plan on keeping up with it to get all those juicy tips.