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Movable Type development moving to GitHub

By Jun Kaneko
Posted January 5, 2011, in MT5.

New Year's Greetings from Movable Type team, and we would like to announce a new step of the Movable Type development.

We are moving Movable Type core development over to Git. Movable Type has used a public subversion repository for version control, but from January 2011, our new home is on


GitHub is the most popular Git hosting, and it also provides social networking functions such as feeds, followers and the network graph to display how the team works on the repository. We believe that this transition will help our community a lot. The development process will be more transparent, easier to try the bleeding edge version of the code, and of course, you can fork your own projects !

GitHub, how to join

There are numbers of great online tutorials.

After configuring Git environment in your local machine, all you have to do is to clone the project.

% git clone
% cd movabletype
% make me

How about FogBugz ?

We will continue using Fogbugz for the issue tracking system. You can report bugs or request features in the same way.

We are looking forward to seeing you on GitHub !


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MT on February 4, 2011, 1:55 a.m. Reply

What is Type Core Development?