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Adding Typekit script to Movable Type 4 Blog

Asked by Patrick McKenna
Posted December 18, 2013.

I just signed up with Typekit. They provide a small script that I need to add the the section of the blog. I have searched for hours through the files and I don’t know where this is. Anyone have any experience with this?


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Heideldesign. on February 26, 2014, 1:19 p.m. Reply

Hi Patrick, The HTML head of your site will be found in one of your templates.

In Movable Type, click “Templates” under the “Design” menu. Then, using the search tool to search for </head>. From the search result(s) click on the template title to edit the template. Just before the </head> tag, paste the javascript from Typekit.

Then, save your template and republish your site.

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