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Edit Entry oddities

Asked by Elizabeth Harlow and Carol Glasser
Posted September 29, 2013.

Can’t type in Body box. Can type in other boxes. Also, when click preview, it also clicks the save button. Any idea what’s wrong? –Elizabeth Harlow

In a new entry I can only type the Title, but I can’t type in the Body area. All the other fields seem grayed out. Also, when I press save it publishes. I am using Windows 8 so I don’t know if I need to change some setting? Thanks in advance for your assistance. –Carol Glasser


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jrappaport on August 27, 2014, 11:36 a.m. Reply

Hi Elizabeth and Carol,

One idea I would suggest is to try enabling or disabling compatibility mode in Internet Explorer, which should be found on the Tools menu in Internet Explorer. Sometimes Movable Type can be unusable if compatibility mode is not enabled, and most issues with entry authoring and menus in Movable Type can be resolved by enabling compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. You will then need to copy/paste the URL for your MT blog/website in the “Add this website” field.

This method worked for another customer with the same issue.

—Jeremy Rappaport, Six Apart

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