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Does commenting require third party cookies?

Asked by Bill Kay
Posted September 11, 2013, in Featured.


Can you tell me how the comments are handled in MovableType?

  1. Does it require the user to activate 3rd party cookies?
  2. If 3rd party cookies are involved can there be a script with a button that can activate and then deactivate 3rd party cookies.

By the way will be developing on a Mac.



1 Answer

Charlie Gorichanaz

Charlie Gorichanaz on October 15, 2013, 1:58 a.m. Reply

Hi Bill,

Depending on your blog settings, you may not even need to rely on cookies at all to allow your users to post comments. Furthermore, none of the standard methods to authenticate require third party cookies, but only so called “first party cookies.”

No cookies required

By allowing anonymous commenting, your users will simply fill out a form with their comment, name, and possibly e-mail address and URL. No cookies are required unless the user wants his or her information to be remembered by checking the “Remember personal info?” box before submitting.

To enable anonymous (in the sense identity is not verified) commenting, within the Movable Type admin panel:

  1. Click the “Settings” menu, and then click “Registration”
  2. Next to “Authentication Methods,” check the box next to “Allow comments from anonymous or unauthenticated users.”
  3. Click “Save Changes”
  4. Republish the blog

First party cookies required

Allowing users to authenticate with any of the other methods listed on the registration settings page will require users to have cookies enabled.

For Movable Type’s built in registration and login, the only cookies saved to your users’ computers will be from your website’s domain name. This is controlled by functions in the mt.js file published by default to your blog’s root folder.

For external services like Google, cookies from that service’s domains may be placed in addition to cookies from your website’s domain. Since the user is redirected to a page on that service to log in, though, third party cookies are still not required.

Since part of this relies on those external services’ web pages, you cannot control any third party cookies they might try to place, but in my testing with third party cookies disabled, I was able to authenticate with a number of services, including Google.

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Charlie Gorichanaz

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