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Brad Choate

Comment Author Context

The CommentAuthorContext plugin creates a block tag called <mt:CommentAuthorContext> in which <$mt:AuthorSOMETHING$> function tags will refer to the author of the comment.


## ABSTRACT This is a utility plugin to assist in setting entry basenames to the value of the dirified entry title. WARNING: Using the tag will cause Entry basenames to be changed in the blogs database. This plugin and

Hybrid Pagination

A plugin that provides support for paginating a MT template module. It relies on MT’s dynamic publishing feature, but does not require the first page itself to be published dynamically.


Use MT to do easy frequently used pieces of information like smilies or favorite links. <MTMacroDefine name=”smile1” string=”:-)”> <img src=”” height=”15” width=”15”></MTMacroDefine> <MTMacroDefine name=”trk” string=”:trk:”> <a href=”” target=”_blank”>the <span style=”color:#c30000;”>red</span> kitchen</a> </MTMacroDefine>


Display the info about the entries which were posted on this day in previous years. <MTOnThisDay><MTEntries lastn=”8”> <MTDateHeader> <a href=”<$MTEntryLink archive_type=”Daily”$>”> <$MTEntryDate format=”%Y”$>:</a><br /> </MTDateHeader> <div class=”side”><$MTEntryTitle$></div> </MTEntries></MTOnThisDay>


The MTSQL tag can use SELECT statements like MySQL and PHP statements can. <MTSQLEntries query=”select entryid from mtentry where entry_title like ‘%Movable Type%’”> <a href=”<MTEntryLink>”><MTEntryTitle></a><br /> </MTSQLEntries>