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Hirotaka Ogawa


As everyone knows, it is quite hard to create many users by using MT4 CMS manually. To resolve such a situation, BatchAuthorCreator plugin allows you to automatically create as many users as you need, in batch style. You can write


BlogSkeletonCloner plugin allows you to clone a blog without its contents. Unlike MT4-embeded WeblogCloner, this plugin clones just a skeleton, which means everything except for entries, pages, categories, comments, trackback pings, and tags. This plugin helps those who want to


“Captcha Plugin” is an anti comment-spam plugin which generates and verifies CAPTCHA tests that most human commenters can easily pass but current spambots cannot pass.


Basically, Movable Type does not rebuild any archives when you delete an entry, therefore, you need to rebuild all archives manually in order to keep archives consistent with the database. To solve this problem, DeleteAndRebuild Plugin automatically rebuilds archives which

Delicious Tags

This plugin allows you to import and display your tags into your MT blogs.


DuplicateEntries plugin allows you to duplicate your entries, pages, and templates by using “actions” menu in the Manage Entries Screen.


EntryCategoryEntries plugin allows you to list entries included in the primary category of the current entry. This plugin can be used only in the entry context, which means the inside of the MTEntries container or the individual entry archives.


This is an MT4-dedicated plugin, which allows users to generate Fiscal-Yearly Archives. Because it employs extensible archive types feature in MT4, users can generate fiscal-yearly archives as seamlessly as other types of archives, such as Yearly, Monthly, Weekly archives.


HatenaBookmaker is a Movable Type plugins which allows you to cross-post your entries to the “Hatena bookmark”, which is a well-known social bookmarking service in Japan.


Now Movable Type supports tagging features natively. But, existing XMLRPC/AtomPP-based blogging tools such as ecto and MarsEdit cannot employ tagging, because they don’t recognize how to add tags to entries via XMLRPC or AtomPP at this moment. To make it


A plugin for speeding up rebuilding templates under FastCGI environment. MemcachedLocal caches the MT internal data to the local memory, which allows you to speed up rebuilding templates especially under FastCGI environment. Some MT objects have both of internal data


Minifier plugin allows you to minify your CSS and JavaScript templates and reduce their file sizes.


ModifiableSetVarBlock plugin overrides MTSetVarBlock with an alternative version, which can be used with ‘modifier’s.


ModifiedDate plugin realizes MTModified function(variable) tag, which allows you to obtain modified dates for specified files or index templates. MTModifiedDate can be used with date-format options, as like MTDate and MTEntryDate.


Because of lack of autovacuum feature, Movable Type databases, especially SQLite databases, grow large and large, even if you delete spam trackbacks and comments occasionally. To solve this problem, PeriodicVacuum plugin allows you to automatically perform ”vacuum” operation once a


SortableCategories plugin allows you to arrange the orders of category and folder lists with the drag-and-drop manner.


TagSupplementals Plugin provides useful and supplemental “tagging” features, such as mt:RelatedEntries, mt:RelatedTags, mt:ArchiveTags, mt:TagLastUpdated, and so on. In particular, mt:RelatedEntries allows you to present recommended entries to viewers and make the bounce rate on your site lower, probably ;-)


Tagwire Plugin provides an easier way to handling “tags” in Movable Type 3.1x and 3.2.


Templets plugin realizes “pluggable template sets” called “templet”, and allows you to install and manange new templates very straightforwardly and flexibly. It makes it easy: - For users to customize their base template sets by plugging in various kinds of


TheSchwartzStats plugin adds a dashboard widget for showing TheSchwartz stats. The widget displays the number of remaining jobs to be processed.


Lots of built-in MT tags, such as MTEntryPermalink or MTArchiveLink, always generate canonical URLs (e.g. http://www.domain.tld/blog/index.html). It is sometimes inconvenient because generated HTML files grow large and make hard to distinguish between internal links and external links. MTTruncateURL Plugin allows


Update-n-Ping plugin enables MT to send update pings when updating published entries and adding newly published entries.


The default MTEntries container tag does not have a function listing up recent incoming TB pings, as opposed to recent incoming comments. This plugin adds “recentlypingedon” option to MTEntries and allows you to list up recent incoming pings as like