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Chad Everett


MT-GadaBe is designed to help you integrate your site with the metasearch service. Once installed, you can add MT-GadaBe search terms to your entry keywords field, and then make use of template tags to automate the process of creating


MT-Approval is a set of tools that you can use to protect your site from receiving automatic comment spam, all bundled into one easy-to-use plugin. Easily mask the true location of your comments script with JavaScript Quickly add a beacon


Have you ever tried to install a plugin on your Movable Type-powered site, only to not have it work, and be left wondering if a required Perl module is installed? Wonder no more. With MT-ModCheck, you can easily run a


MT-Moderate provides additional functionality for your Movable Type-powered site, which enhances the feedback by enabling additional control over how the feedback is processed. Notably options are provided where both comments and trackbacks can be either moderated or junked based on


MT-Notifier extends the notification process by allowing subscriptions to individual entries, across categories and even entire blogs, so that visitors to your site can keep up with not only with comments that are left, but what is happening anywhere on your entire installation.


MT-Outliner is built to allow you to easily integrate your existing subscriptions with your site by use of a standard OPML file. Many newsreaders, both standalone and online, support the use of these files, and MT-Outliner allows you to import


SomeDays is designed to allow the creation of various date containers within your Movable Type-powered site. These are similar to the calendar functions that you can use with the standard template tags, but almost infinitely more powerful, allowing you to