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Brandon Fuller


This filter is used to trim and add an ellipsis (…) to a given string published from Movable Type. If the string is less than the given length, the string remains unchanged. <$MTCommentBody ellipsis="70"$>


Heard of Twitter? Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates via SMS, instant messaging, the Twitter website or 3rd party applications. While I think Twitter is an interesting concept, I don’t like spreading


This plugin will validate your web pages on the fly when published from Movable Type. The validation is done live against the W3C’s Markup Validation Service by sending your newly published page. A compliant page will then include a badge


Heard of YouTube? Of course you have. Well, this plugin will do a 1-way sync with your YouTube videos to your blog. Using the background tasks functionality in Movable Type, this plugin will query your YouTube account for your latest


This plugin integrates and your Movable Type blog. I love the MotionBased site but I wanted to post my GPS activities on my blog with at least a short description and a link to the full data set.


This plugin will allow you to publish what song you are listening to on iTunes, Windows Media Player, or Winamp at the time you write a blog entry. <p class="posted"> <MTNowPlayingIf name="title"> I was listening to <MTNowPlayingIf name="urlamazon"> <a href="<$MTNowPlaying