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Arvind Satyanarayan

Comment Email Filter

Six Apart has offered Typekey authentication in Movable Type since version 3.0 and it’s is a great way to stop comment spam. However what if you don’t want to (or can’t) use it? Comment Email Filter, a new plugin for


CrossPoster is a brand new plugin for Movable Type 4 that allows you simultaneously post entries to different weblogs (on different platforms) from Movable Type: - Personal bloggers enjoy keeping journals on services such as LiveJournal and Vox but find


EnhancedEntryEditing makes editing and publishing entries in Movable Type much easier by implementing a A WYSIWYG Editor - EnhancedEntryEditing adds tinyMCE, one of the most powerful WYSIWYG editors available, to the Entry Body and Extended Entry fields so that you


Movable Type already has entry previewing functionality built in but it is extremely restrictive. It only shows you three fields (title, entry body and extended entry) and you have no idea what it will look like on your weblog, amongst

MT Protect

MT Protect finally gives you the ability to protect entries and blogs within Movable Type in three different ways: Password protection - protect your entries or blogs with a password which readers must correctly enter to gain access. Typekey protection

My Blogs

Movable Type 4 introduces a whole new dashboard with the focal point being tracking the activity across your blogs. For my personal MT install, however, this isn’t terribly useful (being the only author, I know my - albeit dismal -


PowerRebuild is a plugin that allows you to rebuild comments, trackbacks, templates and blogs by simply choosing the items you wish to rebuild and clicking a button.


Privacy is a new plugin for Movable Type that allows you to define “read permissions” for assets in Movable Type (entries, categories and blogs). As a result, readers will first need to authenticate to be able to view the asset.


SCode is an anti-spam plugin that generates a CAPTCHA (or security image) that commenters must enter whilst commenting, this verifies that the comment was made by a human being and not using a spambot. CAPTCHAs are used on several other

Snip It

One of the new features introduced with Movable Type 4 is template snippets. These are small bits of template code that can be easily inserted using the drop down menu on the template editor. TextMate users will feel right at

Template Shelf

Template Shelf is a plugin that every serious designer and site administrator should have. This plugin makes navigating between and editing your site’s templates a breeze by installing a simple plugin that sits in your template editing screens sidebar. This widget contains a list of all the templates currently installed in your system and allows you to access them quickly and easily.