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ToI Planning


With this plugin you can upload an archive file and extract its contents as assets and index-templates.


Replace the default rich text editor with CKEditor. You can edit entries, pages and custom fields. CKEditor is also highly customizable for your purpose. This plugin works with MT5.


Allows you to search by Category information. Includes features such as “AND search” and “generating link for narrowing.”


This plugin allows you to search by Custom Fields value. Moreover, it is possible to search it for only the field that has been specified. “AND Search” and “OR Search” can be possible. This plugin does not correspond to the


The content of the entry can be output by YAML and JSON format. Because only the part with the change when entry’s is preserved is written, the processing speed is fast.


Filling in input element and the textarea element. (It is a wrapper for HTML::FillInForm.) When a complex form is set up with mt-search.cgi, it enable to fill in input column easily.


This plugin enables one to relate location information to each data type in Movable Type (user, blog, and entry). Google Maps is used as the primary interface. This plugin can be used with MT4 (To a partial target) and MT3.3.


This plugin enables one to relate information about the period of an entry. The entry can be put into the state of “Unpublished (Draft)” by synchronizing with a periodic task.


Exporting plugin data as part of the theme. It is necessary to install PluginDataExporter similarly when the written theme is installed in another MT and it uses it. When the user who has the permission of a system-wide plugin setting


Features: - Rebuild a specific archive type with the one click. - Rebuild all blogs with the one click.


The insertion of arbitrary JavaScript is enabled to the entry edit page. Moreover, because ajaxlibs of Google is read beforehand, jquery etc. can be easily read in the script.


CSS is added to the field added in the custom fields and externals of the field are adjusted.