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Abs2Rel is a plug-in to convert a URL starting from the path specified, the URL, which is the output of the articles and blogs. By using this plug-in, global filter named abs3rel will be added. Global filter will allow the URL that begins with the domain name, delete a domain name part, and generates a URL only path specification.


AssetImageEditor adds Pixlr or Pixlr Express image editing software to Movable Type, allowing users to directly edit uploaded images. Compatibility Movable Type 5.13 (confirmed) ### Set-Up System Settings In system plugin settings, “Select Editor”, by default, is set to “_No


When you insert an image in the blog editing screen of MT, the path to the image will be the absolute path from the blog URL. This plug-in will convert to relative path starting with “/” the path to the image.


This plugin creates thumbnail versions of images while keeping their aspect ratio intact. ### Usage #### Function Tags <$MTAssetThumbnailURLLimitSize$> #### Attribute * width - specify the maximum width in pixels * height - specify the maximum height in pixels


Breadcrumbs plug-in will create breadcrumb navigation that is suitable for all archive just in one template.


The CachePerms plugin is designed to improve performance on the admin screen. This plugin helps to speed up process time from non-administrative users, and allows editors to post blog entries on the same level as administrators.


This plugin can be used to move web pages or blog entries to other blogs, as well as duplicate entries or web pages. ### Note: * Comments, trackback, and categories cannot be duplicated. * Once an entry or web page


EntryImExporter is a plug-in that can select blogs and export all web pages and blog posts to CSV. In addition, you can also register all the articles from a CSV you exported. Fields and tags that are added by custom field can be exported CSV, and can be read.


MailPack is a plugin that allows you to post blog entries by email, either on your mobile phone or on your PC. * Post blog entries to Movable Type simply by sending an email. (A mail box, like Gmail, is


MultiFileUploader is a Movable Type plugin that allows for multiple files to be uploaded at once. This plugin can also automatically resize multiple uploaded images and add pre-specified tags. ### Usage Once the plugin is installed, the “Create new” item


PageBute plug-in splits pages(pagination) the html produced by Movable Type. PHP processing isn’t required because it generates static pages.


When using Movable Type with FastCGI, there are times when you might need to disable or enable a plugin, and the effects created by these actions cannot be seen until after the web server is restarted. With this plugin, if