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Stepan Riha


The listing tags that are built in to MovableType (MTEntries, MTCategories, etc.) have limited number of sorting options. For example, while you may sort entries chronologically, it is not possible to sort them descending by date, while ascending by time.


Translates plain ASCII punctuation characters into “smart” typographic punctuation HTML entities in DYNAMIC templates.


Global filter that creates an excerpt consisting of the first n words in the tag, followed by “…” if the tag was truncated. <$MTCommentBody excerpt_words="10"$>


Advanced options for the default MTInclude built into MT. Allows you to use MovableType tags when specifying which file to include. <MTIncludeFile>header.txt</MTIncludeFile>


Some web pages generated by Movable Type may grow quite large. For example, a category archive with hundreds of entries or an individual entry archive with dozens of comments may become unmanageably large. The MTPaginate plugin makes it possible for


The built-in MovableType search allows you to search entries and/or comments for user-specified text. However, you have no control over which parts of your entries and comments are searched and when listing search results using the built-in template tags, it


The built-in URL tags, such as MTEntryPermalink or MTArchiveLink create canonical URLs in the form of and Sometimes it is convenient to use relative URLs in the form of index.htm and archives/Photos.htm. This plugin contains tags and a


MovableType tags use attributes to modify their behavior. For example, the MTEntries tag uses the lastn attribute to specify how many entries to display. In some situations, you would like to be able to use MT tags to specify the