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Lee, Joon


In MT’s template editing window, you can use TAB key, change text font-size, turn on/off wrapping, and refer/insert all MT tags as well as all tags of installed plugins.

Ccode and TCode

This plugin is for blocking feedback spams by adding an additional CCode(hidden ct input field) or adding TCode to original tb ID in tb URL, and then obfuscating that Code for the purpose of not easily guessing it.

Cool IRI for a permalink

This plugin makes your permalinks as Cool IRI, even if your preferred language doesn’t use US-ASCII. The World Wide Web has been mainly constructed with US-ASCII, even for URL. But in now and future, WWW will shift from US-ASCII only


Enables one-click publishing of an image-embeded entry. Also in Firefox/Mozilla, you can use right-click context menu.

Tool for adding new default templates

In MT 3.2, if we want to provide our own default templates to authors/blogs, we should put *.tmpl files to (mt home)/default_templates/ folder, and add some infomation to (mt home)/lib/MT/ by hands. More completely, we should add some digest info