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Acronym is a plugin for Movable Type that adds acronym tags to known acronyms. This text: This is a XHTML test becomes This is a >acronym title=”Extensible HyperText Markup Language”<XHTML>/acronym< test which in the web browser is shown like this:


Converts stray ampersands to entity references, useful for making sure your published pages are valid HTML/XML. <$MTBlogEntry encode_ampersands=”1”>


ArchiveYears produces yearly tables of monthly archive links, analogous to MTCalendar. <MTArchiveYears> <MTArchiveIfYearHeader> <table> <caption><$MTArchiveDate format="%Y"$></caption> </MTArchiveIfYearHeader> <MTArchiveIfLineBegin> <tr> </MTArchiveIfLineBegin> <td> <MTArchiveIfEntries> <a href="<$MTArchiveLink$>"> </MTArchiveIfEntries> <$MTArchiveDate format="%b"$> <MTArchiveIfEntries> </a> </MTArchiveIfEntries> </td> <MTArchiveIfLineEnd> </tr> </MTArchiveIfLineEnd> <MTArchiveIfYearFooter> </table> </MTArchiveIfYearFooter> </MTArchiveYears>


Movable Type weblog entry and comment authors often link their name to their their email address. Movable Type has a spam_protect feature to protect these addresses against harvesting by spam spiders. This feature, unfortunately, is not effective. This plug-in upgrades


BookQueue is a Movable Type plugin which manages a queue or collection of books, using MTAmazon to fetch product information from Amazon. <MTBookQueueEntries status=”reading” lastn=”10”> <MTAmazon method=”Asin” search=”[MTBookQueueEntryISBN]”> <img src=”<MTAmazonSmallImage>” border=”0”> </MTAmazon> </MTBookQueueEntries>


This plugin can be used in a Category Archive template to give you access to the archive’s category tags.


Collect, collate, and display HTML tags that appear in your entries. <MTCollect tags=”a”> <MTEntries lastn=”20”> <MTCollectThis><$MTEntryBody$></MTCollectThis> </MTEntries> <MTCollected tags=”a” lastn=”10” show_local=”1”> <a href=”<$MTCollectedAttr attr=”href”$>”> <$MTCollectedAttr attr=”href”$></a><br /> </MTCollected> </MTCollect>


This plugin implements a set of template tags for displaying text in multiple columns. Your text will be broken up into approximately equal portions, and the HTML formatting you specify (i.e. a table cell) will be repeated once for each


This Movable Type plugin implements a set of template tags for displaying a portion of a template conditionally, depending on the results of a comparison between values. The values compared can be literal strings or numbers, or they can be


A wide variety of calendar/Date related tags. <MTEntries> <MTIfDateNotEqual target=”[MTDate format=’%m/%d/%Y’]”> <p><$MTEntryTitle$></p> </MTIfDateNotEqual> </MTEntries>


Display text depending on whether or not a date falls within Daylight Savings Time. <$MTEntryDate format="%B %d, %Y %H:%M"$> <$MTDaylightOrStandard daylight="EDT" standard="EST"$>


Adds a global filter decodeurl, which is the reverse of encodeurl. I use it to take search terms from referring URL’s and make them readable. &lt;$MTPingURL decode_url="1"$&gt;


Uses a table with the first letter or an image to provide a drop cap image for each paragraph. <MTDropCap case=”lower”> <MTDropCapFormat> <img align=”left” src=”/images/letters/<$MTDropCapLetter$>.gif”> </MTDropCapFormat> <$MTEntryBody$> </MTDropCap>


Uses Image::Magick to create modifications of images. Looks great for a photoblog, but hasn’t been tested yet. <MTEmbedImage basename=”images/[MTEntryID]” height=”40” thumbsuffix=”-40”> <a href=”<MTEntryLink>”> <img src=”<MTEmbedImageThumbFilename>” width=”<MTEmbedImageThumbWidth>” height=”<MTEmbedImageThumbHeight>” alt=”<MTEmbedImageThumbSize measure=”k”>k” hspace=”5” border=”0” /></a> </MTEmbedImage>


Sometimes re-building a page may fail for various reasons at which time MovableType reports an error. The tags in this plugin allow you to handle errors that occur during the building stage of your pages. The tags are modeled after


Creates a new tag called MTEntriesExCat. When used in place of MTEntries, this tag excludes all posts from the categories specified in the "categories" attribute.


This plugin gives you a new template tag: . This tag allows you to associate additional fields and values with Movable Type Blogs, Categories, Entries, and Authors. These additional fields and values can be stored either in a data file


Allows for easy filtering of category listings to include or exclude certain categories. Not for MTEntries containers. <MTCategories show_empty=”1”> <MTFilterCategories exclude=”Arts and Leisure|Entertainment”> <a href=”<$MTCategoryArchiveLink$>”><$MTCategoryLabel$></a><br> <$MTCategoryDescription$><br> </MTFilterCategories> </MTCategories>


Container tag which allows use of a similar command to MTEntries words=”N” in any field. <MTFirstNWords n=”5”> <$MTCategoryDescription$> </MTFirstNWords>…


Generic XML plugin for fetching and displaying arbitrary XML data using the XML::Simple module.


Adds container tags for listing Entries, Comments, Pings, and Categories throughout the entire installation of MT. This can also be set to include or exclude specific blogs. <MTGlobalEntries include_blogs=”3,4,6”> —MTEntry* tags here— </MTGlobalEntries> <MTGlobalComments lastn=”5” offset=”5”> —MTComments* tags here— </MTGlobalComments>


Allows glue option to be available for any elements. <MTGlueContainer><MTEntries lastn=”15” offset=”7”> <a href=”<$MTEntryLink$>” title=”<$MTEntryDate$>: <$MTEntryExcerpt encode_html=”1”$>”> <$MTEntryTitle$></a> <MTGlue> | </MTGlue></MTEntries> </MTGlueContainer>


Adds tags to make tables or containers from data inside of MT. <table> <MTGrid num_columns=”3”> <MTEntries> <MTGridCell> <MTGridIfLeftColumn><tr></MTGridIfLeftColumn> <td> <a href=”<$MTEntryPermalink$>”><$MTEntryTitle$></a><br/> <$MTEntryExcerpt$> </td> <MTGridIfRightColumn></tr></MTGridIfRightColumn> </MTGridCell> </MTEntries> <MTGridTrailingCells> <MTGridIfLeftColumn></tr></MTGridIfLeftColumn> <td> </td> <MTGridIfRightColumn></tr></MTGridIfRightColumn> </MTGridTrailingCells> </MTGrid> </table>


Allows for different options if a field is empty or not empty. <MTIfEmpty var=”EntryTitle”>(untitled)</MTIfEmpty> <$MTEntryTitle$> or: <MTIfNotEmpty expr=”[MTEntries days=’1’]1[/MTEntries]”> We have fresh entries! </MTIfNotEmpty>


Display image EXIF data along with image on weblog page. Especially useful with digital camera pictures, which often store a lot of EXIF data (time stamp, f/stop, shutter speed, ISO setting, white balance, etc.) inside each picture. <ul> <MTImageInfo img="[MTBlogSitePath]/images/BrokenWindow.jpg"


This plugin allows you to store key/value pairs of data in your Movable Type fields. These values can be extracted and used in your templates in a very flexible manner. Tags made available through this plugin: - : Container tag


KoalaRainbow is a visualization engine for MovableType. It consists of a query language that allows users a good deal of freedom to construct the data they wish to visualize, and a procedural mechanism for visualizing that data. Features - XPath-like


Parameter tags for templates invoked dynamically by a CGI such as mt-search.cgi or mt-view.cgi. <MTCgiParams> <MTCgiParamName>: <MTCgiParamValue encode_html="1"><br /> </MTCgiParams>


MovableType has conditional tags that are true when entries and pings are enabled. The following tags allow you to test whether comments or pings exist. MTEntryIfComments MTEntryIfPings MTEntryIfCommentsPings


Spells out numbers. 1 becomes one, 22 becomes twenty two, etc. <$MTEntryCommentCount number_spell="1"$> comments


The MTObfuscate tag and obfuscate filter allow you to encode portions of your webpage into a quasi-random string that is emitted using Javascript. Obfuscated content should be safe from spam harvesters and search engines, but will appear as regular HTML


Container tag that reduces the size of your HTML page by stripping out unneccessary white space, HTML comments, etc. <MTOptimizeHTML> <html> <head> … … </body> </html> </MTOptimizeHTML>


This plugin enables , a tag for Movable Type templates. If you know how to write Perl code, this custom tag gives you remarkable flexibility in producing pages from Movable Type. You can literally do any kind of manipulation you


PoeticForm is a text-to-HTML filter; it translates an easy-to-read / easy-to-write structured text format into HTML. PoeticForm’s text format is that of printed poetry where the expected form is lines grouped in stanzas. The final line of the entry may

Process Tags

Allows MT tags to be processed inside of inside-of-MT fields. <MTCategoryDescription process_tags=”1”>


Automated installation of the distributed Project Honey Pot network to catch harvesters who steal email addresses from your website, and comment spammers who fill your pages with garbage.

Quote of the Day

Generate a random Quote of the Day from an Internet server. No need to create your own quote files. <$MTQotd$>


This plugin gives you a new Movable Type template tag: . This tag will extract and display one or more random lines from either a text file, or a Movable Type template module. For example, you could create a list


Uses regular expressions to accomplish replacement and other advanced text manipulation. <MTAddRegex>s|:-D|<img src=”/images/smiley.gif” height=”32” width=”32”>|g</MTAddRegex>


This is a plugin that provides the tag that returns the short title for blog entry. The short title, by default, returns the entry title. This title can be overridden in the keyword field. The title in the keyword field


This plugin adds spell-checking capabilities to a Movable Type weblog. It adds a global filter that allows any template tag output to be spell-checked, and provides tags for fully-customizable suggestion output.

Supplemental Calendar Tags

Adds several tags for expanding the MTCalendar — allows for offset calendars and dates. <MTCalendarEx> all calendar tags here </MTCalendarEx>

Supplemental Category Tags

This plugin provides additional tags for Movable Type categories. Tags made available through this plugin: - : Container tag for finding the next category relative to the current entry category or archived category. - : Container tag for finding the


A Movable Type plugin that will take an entry’s Keywords field and turn them into Technorati tags. <$MTTechnoratiTags class="someclass"$>


Show templates or template excerpts on your site. <pre><$MTTemplateContents templatename="Individual Archive" blogname="Journal" escape_html="1"$> </pre>


A text-formatting plugin that uses HTML Tidy to make valid XHTML and HTML for blog entries in Movable Type [select from Text Formatting menu] <$MTEntryBody tidy=”1”$> <MTTidy><$MTEntryBody$></MTTidy>


Displays the time it took for MovableType to build your page, or portions of your page. <MTTimerStart name="entries"> <MTEntries> <MTTimerStart name="entry"> … <MTTimerValue name="entry">, <MTTimerValue name="entries"> </MTEntries> <pre><MTTimerValue name="entries" clock="stats"></pre>


Allows users to halt or cancel building processes with customizable messages. <MTWarn> Building Entry: <MTEntryTitle> </MTWarn>


This plugin adds a container tag to MovableType that formats its contents via CPAN:Text::WikiFormat. This formatting is independant of any particular Wiki:WikiClone, but it can be supplied with a URL to a wiki to which Wiki:WikiWords should be linked. This


Adds a container tag for use in templates which allows for processing of Wiki formatting.