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A-Form PC

Create forms with drag and drop interface. Supports name, e-mail address, telephone number, address (with validation), file upload and more. Smartphone compatible.

A-Form PC/Mobile

A-Form PC/Mobile is a plugin that allows for easy application of high performance forms on Movable Type websites. A-Form PC/Mobile is developed, sold, and supported by Ark-Web. With A-Form PC/Mobile, contact, document request, survey, event registration, or any other related

A-Form Payment

A-Form Payment is a Movable Type plugin that allows the addition of commerce related forms (calculate total purchased form and payment method form) to your website. Combine A-Form and A-Form Payment to more easily add simple shopping features to any

A-Form to Entry

A-Form to Entry is a plugin that takes forms created by the “A-Form” plugin and either inserts the form into a blog entry or publishes it. ### Functions / Features A-Form allows you to easily post an entry from as

A-Form to Salesforce

Our “A-Form to Salesforce” add-on (includes MT plugins A-Form, A-Member, and A-Reserve) allows the user to easily take contact data collected through Movable Type corporate websites and use it alongside the popular SaaS/Cloud CRM (customer management) service, Salesforce.


A-Member is a Movable Type plugin designed to help build and operate a member registration website. Functions / Features * Restrict access to content with ID and Password verification (password up to 8 characters) * Displays a successful log in


A-Reserve is a plugin that adds date and time reservation functions to Movable Type websites. Examples of situations where a reservation might be required include: restaurants, spas, hotels, clinics, and sports facilities, among many others. * Collect reservation information with