October 10, 2017
Movable Type 7 Developer Preview is out!
We are excited to announce that “Movable Type 7 Developer Preview (Alpha version)” is now available. In this version, we are re-think about CONTENT and CMS and then one of answer is out new feature that is “Content Type”. Short summary of Content Type: https://movabletype.org/documentation/designer/design-of-content-type/what-is-a-content-type.html “Content Type” is most powerful content designing feature. You can make a custom post type as you like. This is a similar to old feature set of “Entry + Custom Field” but more useful and smart answer, I think. Try Developer Preview software: https://www.movabletype.jp/downloads/betas/MT-7.0a1.zip When you tried, please send us your feedbacks! https://movabletype.fogbugz.com/ CAUTION: This is alpha version software, please DO NOT use with production site.... Read more