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Ole Wolf


Curvaceous is a plugin for Movable Type 4 that causes text to flow smoothly around the edges of irregularly shaped images. Once installed, the plugin works in the background, converting any images that are either left-aligned or right-aligned.


Hyphenation for Movable Type provides automatic hyphenation of your text based on OpenOffice hyphenation dictionaries. Automatic hyphenation is very useful if you often use left-aligned or right-aligned images with text flowing along the side of the image in a narrow


Joomsayer is a plugin for Movable Type 4 that enables you to display quotations in a very catchy quote box. Joomsayer has two special features: Firstly, it displays two quote marks; one in the upper left corner, and one in


This plug-in is mostly of interest to Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish authors. Lixtal calculates the readability index of your entry, the so-called “LIX-tal,” which is a simple measure of the complexity of your text. As the Lixtal increases, the text


Sociotags is a plug-in for Movable Type 4 that adds a list of “sociotags” to your entries. Sociotags are the little images you may have seen on various pages that let you add the page to social networks or promotional